About us

Shanghai Seritech Corporation is a branch of Serimach company, Taiwan.

Taiwan Serimach Company has over ten years of experience incoating machine the printing industry and its mission statement is to provide the highest quality products and superb customer service to match. No matter what your printing technology support, the location design layout of your printing machine or route design of your workshop, our services?include all. Furthermore, due to Serimach Company’s continued efforts to gain and retain the highest quality professional technology staff, they have the privilege of being the exclusive agent of Japan SANJO MACHINE WORKS in the China and Taiwan area.

Besides providing printing technology support and?printing machines, Serimach also provides the materials which are related to printing, such as

cleanroomprinting screen, emulsions, ink mixer and UV lamp, just to list a few. In order to provide better services and products, Seritech Corporation was established in Shanghai, China, for better services to widespread customers. Seritech Corporation has all the support of head company, Serimach, and the advantage of competitive pricing as well. “Shanghai Seritech Corporation will move forward with our customers by providing the best services and the highest quality products while paving a path to achieve success.”



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